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Using This Simple 3-Step System - This 15 Year Old Creates Completely Passive Income (While He's Out Playing High School Football)!


This is a pretty amazing story that shows you the POWER of the Internet now, and more specifically, of Amazon.  This 15 year old (taught by his father, Ty Cohen), is creating about $1,200 a WEEK in passive income - all without doing any work...




He's following a simple 3-step system to upload short 25-Page word documents to Amazon Kindle. He's been doing this for a few months now. But, he doesn't have to "do" anything.


He's got a crazy schedule between a full day of school and then evenings and weekends full of Football practice and games.




Even still - he's earning more money than most parents do working full-time jobs. THIS is what I call smart earning. 


This also shows you how powerful this system is.


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